Sunday, November 22

Rhythmic Convolutions 2

Diego Stocco blows minds for a living:


FFS // Rhythmic Convolutions 2" is a set of 200 rhythmic Impulse Responses specifically designed for the processing of beats, synths and instruments with a percussive timbre.



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Saturday, November 14

The Mercedes-Benz Citan as a Mobile Music Studio

Christian Maile and Frieder Maurer take a Citan to the Swabian Alb to lay down a track in one night:



Tuesday, November 10

Monday, August 31

Buchla Music Easel vs MiniPops

Just when I think I have my GAS under control ozashikiTECHNO has to post this video featuring a Korg MiniPops running into a Buchla Music Easel with EHX Hazarai: