Friday, December 19

Your next band has....


Argh, and I can't even get along with the drummer in my trio!




Wednesday, December 17

Beat Crush!


Nucleus SoundLab has released their first Rack Extension for Reason and it is a must buy in my opinion! Beat Crush is a down sampling effects device that can take your tracks from the classic crunch of 12 bit samplers to 8 bit Chiptune and the absurdity of 1 bit. Being a Nucleus SoundLab product it can certainly do more than that though, the real fun comes in when you mix and match bits and invert them, creating sounds that were impossible beforehand! Beat Crush also comes with a pair of great sounding multi-mode Filters that can be set up in a multitude of ways in relation to the beat crush effect. Check out the demo video:



Pick up Beat Crush today for $49 USD in the Prop Shop!



Sunday, November 23

Peter Dyer plays thru the Strymon Big Sky

I've been looking for a hardware reverb device for a few weeks and came across this fantastic video from earlier this year of Peter Dyer playing various keys thru the lush sounding Strymon Big Sky Reverberator pedal:

"Last week Peter Dyer (keyboardist for Aloe Blacc and Avicii) stopped by the Strymon shop and recorded several BigSky Reverberator / synth audio clips with us. He brought along some very cool synths to use alongside BigSky. Thanks Peter for hanging out with us for the day. :)"

Table of Contents:

00:14 -- Reflections -- Dave Smith Prophet 12

00:42 -- Bloom -- Dave Smith Prophet 12

01:11 -- Nonlinear -- Nord Stage 2

01:37 -- Reflections -- Nord Stage 2

02:06 -- Cloud -- Dave Smith Prophet 12

02:41 -- Magneto -- Dave Smith Prophet 12

03:27 -- Cloud -- Dave Smith Prophet 12

04:18 -- Spring -- Nord Stage 2

04:40 -- Bloom -- Nord Stage 2

05:10 -- Chorale -- Korg Volca Keys

06:08 -- Shimmer -- Korg Volca Keys

06:53 -- Hall -- Arturia Microbrute

07:44 -- Plate -- Arturia Microbrute

08:24 -- Cloud -- Therevox ET 4.3

09:14 -- Shimmer -- Therevox ET 4.3

09:46 -- Shimmer -- Nord Stage 2

10:24 -- Hall -- Nord Stage 2

More information on BigSky:

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Peter's website:


Friday, October 24

Epic Long Arm Boiler Room Set!

Project Mooncicle's Long Arm throwing it down live in St. Petersburg Russia with Ruslan Gadzhimuradov for Boiler Room: