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Friday, January 6

CHLLNGR - "Change"

Fantastic music video for CHLLNGR's "Change" by Chad Turner and Ryan Todd, which I ran across on The Fox is Black. You can download the track for free @! Dig it:

Thursday, September 8

Missing Pieces ReFill Review

NaviRetlav's Missing Pieces ReFill is an effects refill for Reason 5 / Record 1.5 and Reason 6 specializing in feedback delays. The combinator devices in the refill are split up into three different folders - Echo, Ncho and Vcho. The Echo folder features classic feedback delays. The Ncho folder contains echo patches that use the Neptune device, while the Vcho patches use the BV-512 Vocoder. A bit of warning - you'll want to mute the track when switching between patches ('m" is the shortcut for muting clips in Reason, which worked great for me when auditioning patches for this review.) Missing Pieces' combinators use feedback loops just like the equipment King Tubby hand built back in the day in Jamaica, so expect the sounds to be a little unstable (and I mean that in a good way ;-). Speaking of which, I asked Navi if these patches were inspired by old hardware after first checking out the refill:

"The initial idea for this refill came together with Reason 5 and the tape echo in Kong. There is only one problem that bothered me in Kong, It doesn't have tempo sync mode. I decided to recreate that effect with other reason devices, after a few tries I figured out how it works. Than I got an Idea how it could be improved by adding more effects inside a feedback loop and that became the basis for the refill. I've never had access to real hardware units that I could emulate, so this refill is fully unique."

Let's start with the first folder. The Echo folder has 85 different patches in 9 different categories: AmpLine, Digital, Distortion, Feedback, Modulate, Overdrive, Scream, and Tape. As you can probably guess from the categories these patches use both Reason's Scream Sound Destruction Unit and the Line 6 amplifiers. The combinator front is set up the same for all the devices in the Echo section with Rotary 1 controlling the Delay Time (tempo sync'd with Button 1), Rotary 2, labelled Feedback, controls the amount of send from the mixer going to the Echo (creating the feedback loop), with Button 2, Diffusion, switching between 0 and 100 setting for Diffusion. Button 3 switches the effect to Mono and Rotary 3 controls the Bass and Treble EQ amount. Rotary 4 controls the Dry/Wet balance of the effect and Button 4, labelled Sidechain Gate, dampens the echo effect when the dry signal is played (much like the "Ducking" control on Reason 6's Echo device.) And finally the Mod Wheel controls the Low Frequency Dampening of the echo devices from 1000 Hz to 20 Hz - which is great for quickly dialing in the sound you want. The 12 AmpLine devices use Record's Line 6 amps to create some gritty echo textures. Being a big fan of BIT crushing the 10 Digital Echo patches were some of my favorites with everything from sick crunchy BIT distortion to digital clipping!

The second folder, Ncho, contains patches featuring the Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Voice Synth. The front panel has a similar layout to the Echo folder patches except for Button 3 which enables the Neptune devices and Rotary 3 controls the amount of the signal processed by the internal FX. This folder has some killer patches in it, 65 in all, that would work great in dub and dubstep. I loaded up a Dr. Octo Rex with a few of the thumb piano and gamelan Rex Files from Slo' Motion Tokyo and was immediately transported into the land of Demdike Stare!

And while the combinators in Missing Pieces sound fantastic, what really impressed me was when I opened up the patches and looked inside...  It took me a while to wrap my head around some of the routing!  After which I had to ask Navi about his background in music production:

"I started playing with Reason 2.5 somewhere in 2006 year. I was impressed by the amount of sound that it could produce and the custom routing possibilities. I've always enjoyed focusing on sound creation, rather than writing songs. In fact most of the songs that I make are just side effects of experimenting with sound design."

The final folder, Vcho, features 50 Vocoder based echo patches with additional controls for the Vocoder properties mapped to Rotary 3 (Decay) and Button 3 (Shift.) These patches also use the effects devices in Kong, particularly the Rattler and Ring Mods for some very interesting results. One of my favorite patches in the third folder Vcho - 46 can turn a straight forward drum loop into something you'd think was coming out of the Radiophonic Workshop! Aside from sounds I also really dig the combinator backdrops for Missing Pieces, which I asked Navi about as well:

"I designed all the combinator backdrops for this refill, as well as the
graphics for the refill cover, pdf docummentation, icon and even the website design. Just like with sound design, I also learned graphic design on my own. But my art skills don't end at logos and web design, I'm also a fractal artist. Some of my work you can find at"

Being a fan of all things dub I really dig this refill! And while Missing Pieces began as an attempt to expand the possibilities of Kong's Tape Echo unit, it really does much more than that - it's great for spicing up drum tracks, creating ambient textures and of course doing the rub a dub! Now I can neither confirm or deny that I've played with Reason 6's The Echo unit, but if I could I'd mention that the Missing Pieces combinators are a different beast altogether from the new delay machine coming at the end of this month in Reason 6. And really, can you ever have too many Echo devices? I should add, in addition to the combinators, Missing Pieces also comes with additional combi backdrops, 19 in total, matching Reason's clip colors so you can color code your tracks; as well as demo songs that load in Record or Reason 6, along with template songs for testing effects and recording feedback. mmmm feedback ;-). For those of you feeling confident about their remixing skills, Missing Pieces is one of the prizes in Boy in a Band's latest Skyline Remix Composition Competition, along with Reason 6! Missing Pieces is available as well for $15 USD thru

Tuesday, August 23

Chop Socky

Just saw this bad ass video on Dangerous Minds! "Chop Socky" uploaded to Vimeo by DJango's Ghost mixes dub with clips from martial arts films...


01. ‘Red Alert’ - South Rakkas Crew
02. ‘Aktion Dub’ - The Bug
03. ‘Sign Rhythm’ - Andre Gray
04. ‘Babatunde’ - Henfield and Shadowman
05. ‘A Noisy Place’ - King Tubby
06. ‘Poison Dart’ - The Warrior Queen
07. ‘Throw Your Hands Up’ - Steven Ventura 4 Kings Of Kings
08. ‘No False Hair’ - Firehouse Crew
09. ‘Elephant Rock’ - The Upsetters
10. ‘What You Gonna Do’ - Kickin’ Productions
11. ‘Corners Boy’ - Christopher Birch
12. ‘Stalag 17 Version’ - Techniques Allstars
13. ‘VS Panta Rock’ - The Upsetters
14. ‘Bazooka Riddim’ - Harmonic 313
15. ‘M.D.M.A.’ - Redlight

Wednesday, June 29

Africa Hitech - Out In The Streets

"Out In The Streets taken from Africa Hitech's '93 Million Miles' album - out now. Directed, filmed and produced by Sixty40"
-Warp Records

Saturday, January 8

Soljie Hamilton and Bruno Blum remix Serge Gainsbourg's Aux Armes Dub

Dub Stylee live @ Anchor Studios, Kingston, Jamaica:

Soljie Hamilton and Bruno "Doc Reggae" Blum seen mixing "Aux
Armes Dub" in genuine original dub style, live in Anchor Studios,
Kingston, Jamaica, late December 2001.

This fine dub mix of Serge Gainsbourg's "Aux Armes Et Cætera"
1979 smash hit can only be found on the B-side of the Jamaican
Big Youth "Aux Armes!" 45RPM single (Philips 2003), and on the
"Dub Style" promo CD issued in France by Philips/Universal Music
in 2003.

Other Serge Gainsbourg dubs, as well as fresh remixes of the songs
and DJ versions from the same sessions, can be found on the "Aux
Armes Et Cætera" and "Mauvaises Nouvelles des Étoiles" remix CDs
issued in 2003.

Lead vocals: Serge Gainsbourg
Harmony vocals: The I Three
Drums: Sly Dunbar
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare
Piano: Robbie Lyn
Organ: Ansel Collins
Guitar: Mickey Chung
Guitar: Dougie Bryan
Percussion: Sticky Thompson

Video directed by Bruno Blum
Cameraman: Courtney McLaughlin
Editing and post production: JimmUP


Monday, December 6

What is Dub? Scientist, Badawi, Ticklah, DJ Rupture @ Dubspot NYC

Renowned dub pioneer and innovator Hopeton Brown, better known
as Scientist talks about the origins of dub and the role dub engineer
as a conductor, who essentially takes existing music and rearranges
them. At last year's Dub Summit, in a panel which also featured an
array of electronic music producers, musicians, and professionals
including DJ /rupture, Raz Mesinai, Ticklah, and Barry Cole. Scientist
discusses early sound system culture and the recording industry in
Jamaica, and the process of remixing riddims for top producers.

Wednesday, December 30

The Putney VCS3 EMS - Butch Cassidy Sound System

My video for 'The Putney' by Butch Cassidy Sound System. from the album 'Butches Brew'. Cool track that uses the VCS3 keyboard made by EMS. All rights in the music is by the band. This is just a fan making a video.

Thanks for watching :)


Monday, July 20


Here's a glitch/dub combinator I've been working on for a while for Propellerhead's Reason software. I love effects in my music, especially on drums and this one excels at glitchy dub delays without venturing into beat repeater territory (because we've been there before, both here and here.) I recommend this combi for dubstep, reggae, and d&b.

Here's an rps example:

CV Delay Example

And the combi alone:

CV Delay v2

Thursday, July 16


Anyone seen this? Looks killer:


Monday, July 6

Copy Machine

Here's another one from the Props board I'm putting up here for posterity. Text from the board:

Made a new combinator this morning! Originally I was trying to make a Reason version of Squarewave Parade's "Teaspoon":

Square Wave Parade

After I started making it I incorporated some of my favorite elements of Shuriken's Copy Shop:

Shuriken's Copy Shop

Hence the name Copy Machine. Probably nothing new to a lot of you, but I thought I'd share...

It has a basic repeater in the blue section. Some pattern alterations controlled in the red section (courtesy of Malstrom's Mod A section controlling the CV of a DDL-1's feedback.) And finally the grey sections are controls for the filter that only works on the repeating sounds. The Pitch-bend controls the frequency (and a bit of resonance) while the Mod Wheel controls the rate of the filter - because the filter is being controlled by Malstrom's Mod B. Here's an RPS example:

Copy Machine.rps

and the combi: